I'm a new user, got myself a tray so I can easily switch my HDD's. Before using Linux on a daily basis, I want to give myself the time to get used to it.

Linux has gotten more userfriendly this last year. Graphic Interface is a lot better too. To top it all off, programs are out there to use Windows programs.
Read today in PC Format Crossover crew is working on DX10 support, which is great news for Gamers.

All very interesting and one wants to go to Linux.

However... I seem to have problems finding my extra drives.
My PC :

AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 5000+ 2.61GHz
C Drive (tray, currently for Linux I'm using an old 40GB Drive)
D : 500 GB drive
E : 200 GB drive
I : CD/DVD drive
J : CD/DVD drive

I wanted to save something on my D drive, but via the program I couldn't find it.
When Installing a program, I cann't seem to actually choose where I want to have it installed.

When installing, I organise all my programs in folders and sub folders :

- CD/DVD Burner (all backup and burning programs)
- Internet
- Audio ....

Downloads has several folders.

As you see, this is my major concern right now.

I assume this must be possible with Linux ? Or am I wrong ?