I have a client who is a law firm.

They have many users, who store emails in various patterns of stupidity.

They're wanting a good, easy (free!) method to store emails, so when
user A leaves, User's B and C and D don't have to go hunting to see
where it is.

They use a very large tree mentality on their server now:
(using periods to pad ... incase of weird newsreaders)

-- Firm
...-- Client1
....-- Project 1
.....-- Project 2
......-- Project 2 This
......-- Project 2 That
.......-- Is how they do it
.......-- even if not the best way
...-- Client2
....-- Project 1
.....-- Project 1 Misc

And so on..

Each of these in a GW Shared folder is going to be a nightmare, firm
wide. GW Architects has a tree managment software, but right now I'm
not sure if they want to spend money on that kind of thing.

Short of making a shared "dump" folder and making people put stuff in
that, then proxy to a resource or other kind of shared user ... then
making the tree themselves and stuffing stuff into it...

Or trying to share each of those folders and expecting the end users to
get it right ... when they re-assemble..

Then they've done that in the past, and employees have created folders
in shared folders from there..