I have a Netware Novell server with an eDirectory and different objects configured. I implemented an OEServer 2 SP1 to emulate a DSfW to manage the eDirectory with AD.

I join the domain with the Administrator login and I am logged as the Administrator domain. So far, there are no problems.
When I open the MMC window on Windows Server 08 and snap in the "Active Directory Users and Computers" I can see all the OUs and objects presented in the Netware N. server.

But, when I select some OU I can have an error, and when I select other I dont have this error.
Error: Data from XXXXX is not available from Domain Controller OES2.yyyy.local because: The server is unwilling to process the request. Try again later, or choose another DC by selecting Connect to Domain Controller on the Domain context menu.

With XXXX= OUs name and yyyy.local= domain name and OES2 server name