I know there are some fans here so I say Hey oh lets go!

Anyone catch the Phillies game in San Diego last night? The rookie (I
hope I don't get in trouble, but it's his real name google it!) Antonio
*******o pitched one heck of a game. And I think one of the best pick up
this off season (Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Seattle) Raul Ibanez
homered yet again. To lead the Phillies over Jake Peavy (Who will soon
be wearing a Phillies Uniform...) and the Padres. After we sweep the
Pads tonight, We are going to go to LA and do what we did in the NLCS
and !@#$ slap them. What are your thoughts about the rumors that the
Phillies will pick up either Peavy, Bedard, or Oswalt?

The Mets lost in fine fashion yet again last night. I commend how much
they tried to loose. Especially to one of the worst teams in baseball
the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Speaking of loosing miserably. The Cubs tanked against the Braves. How
can one through 6 innings have a no-no going, and LEADING 5-0 and lose
in 12?

The Indians...I dunno

The Phillies are running away with the NL East. If the Phillies pick up
a nice starting pitcher, say Peavy, and can get their pen in order and
the rest of the starters become healthy and start to pitch great, (keep
in mind we are a 2nd half team) we will REPEAT!!!! Ahhh I love summer.
Especially with this window in my office