I was just told that some of the software we use isn't supported under
windows 2008.

Between one company not supporting anything beyond sql server 2000 and
now this company dragging feet on supporting Windows 2008 I'm beginning
to hate developers. Of course that's what you get when dealing with the
Microsoft world.

On other news. Caligari, a 3D software company, is going out of
business and I can't help but laugh. They got bought by Microsoft and
now Microsoft has fired all the developers and is killing the company
and the software. I'm laughing because I made the suggestion that they
should look at supporting Open Source and Linux and they got all smug
about how that was a bad idea. Now look at them. Ha ha ha ha ha ha.

I've been in a really angry mood lately. Once again feeling sick of
technology (or more to the point Microsoft and their cronies). Believe
me when i say that if I didn't "have" to use their products I wouldn't.