Hi all,

I posted this in the gwobjapi but apparently that was the wrong forum.

I'm trying to create nicknames for all of our users. I can add a new users, however, I am
not able to add nicknames. I am receiving "An unknown error occurred".

static void Main(string[] args)
AdminTypeLibrary.System GWSystem = new
string strPath = @"\\fs\vol1\gw\dom\primary;

AdminTypeLibrary.AdminObject ao = (AdminTypeLibrary.AdminObject)GWSystem.Users.Item( "gall", GWSystem.PostOffices.Item("PSDTSCPO", GWSystem.Domains.Item("PSD")), GWSystem.Domains.Item("PSD"));

Console.WriteLine(ao.Name + " " + ao.PostOffice.Name + " " + ao.Domain.Name);
GWSystem.Nicknames.Add("testgall1234", ao, ao.PostOffice.Name, ao.Domain.Name);

catch (Exception ex)

When I try to supply strings like so

GWSystem.Nicknames.Add("testgall1234", ao,"PO1","Primary");