I found the following differences between namcd on a plain standard OES
2 SP1 server and namcd on a DSfW server on top of OES 2 SP1.

Namcd on DSfW translates all usernames, which are used for any service,
which authenticates against namcd to lowercase regardless how they are
entered by the user or stored in DS. This seems to be done by the
Edir/XAD LDAP-server (because unfortunately this does not happen before
xad is completely loaded). So -as a sidenote - if you do not restart
xad after a server bootup this behaviour is not seen and home
directories are not found etc.

On a plain OES 2 Sp1 server the username is used in the way the
username is stored in Edir regardless of the typing used in the
authentication process.

Is this happening by design? If so it would be nice if all servers
regardless of DSfW or not would show the same behaviour.

W. Prindl