I am trying to modify the "contacts" for posted task item in my calendar. The existing task has a contact in its contacts list.

I get an in-memory instance of a task and modify it by clearing out the task.contacts collection, and creating a new (empty) collection.

I then add the ID of the new contact to the task.contacts collection, create a modifyItemRequest object with the task object, and call modifyItemRequest().

I don't get an error code back (modifyItemResponse.status.code == 0).

Yet, the contacts collection of the item in GroupWise is not changed at all. If I look at the item via the Win32 client, the old contact is still there, and if I retrieve the item via SOAP, the old contact ID is still in the collection.

Am I doing something wrong, or is it possible that updating the contacts on an item via SOAP is broken?

BTW, I am using GW 8.0.1-87458 with v1.0.2 of the schema.

Any help is appreciated...