Kathy and I have been on a music collecting binge lately. With me broadcasting on
the internet and her wanting to hear her music instead of someone else's near her
cube, we have collected quite a bit of music lately. Add to that all of our
photos going back to when I got my first digital camera, we had about 300gb
combined with our two machines. Well, we were at Fry's tonight and I came away
with something that both amused and astounded me. I bought a 1tb drive for backup
purposes and paid less than $100 for it! We actually bought several other things,
but another noteworthy one was a 4 port *USB* KVM with audio for *$43* bucks
(cables included).
I have spent over $10,000 for a server that had 1tb of storage and spent over
$300 for a flipping *PS2* 4 port KVM. <shaking head> I have been doing this stuff
too long. Oh, btw, the kvm runs just fine from a laptop! No external power
needed. Kinda made my keyboard power requirements speech to the wife rather
pointless. <g>