Okay, so I have my Macbook Pro happy connected to my LCD TV through HDMI

However, I can't seem to find a way to put JUST the Macbook display to sleep
and keep the TV display on (which would be nice to do if all we're doing is
watching Hulu or something through the TV!). I googled and found a few
weird workarounds, like put the Macbook to sleep, then plug in the monitor,
then wake from sleep, etc., but none of these odd workarounds seem to work.
Pressing F7 just flicks me back and forth from mirrored to extended. It
seems weird that it would be impossible to turn off the monitor on the
Macbook, but I think it might be! I continue to google, and hope to figure
this one out

Has anyone actually gotten this to work? This isn't the new unibody Macbook
Pro - but one that's about 2 years old


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