I hope I am doing something wrong...

I am trying to add a collection of ContactNotes to an existing contact.

When I call the modifyItemRequest() method, the POA (running on Windows 2003 Server) crashes... I get a JIT debugger prompt, and upon declining, the POA just goes away.

The code is C#, and is fairly simple. I have a collection of new notes to add (in my test, there's only one new note). The contact already has 3 existing notes. The contact ID I use below is hard-coded, and is a known good contact ID:

// create a new contact note object
ContactNote contactNote = new ContactNote();

// create the attachment item info object and populate it
contactNote.attachment = new AttachmentItemInfo();
contactNote.attachment.date = DateTime.Now;
contactNote.attachment.data = System.Text.ASCIIEncoding.ASCII.GetBytes("Test note.");
contactNote.attachment.contentType = "text/plain";

// create a new Contact object to contain our changes, and
// store new note in it's ContactNotes collection
Contact contact = new Contact();
contact.contactNotes = new ContactNote[1];
contact.contactNotes[0] = contactNote;

// create the modify item request, with the contact's ID...
// create the ItemChanges() container and populate it with the contact
// contact object (which contains the new note)
modifyItemRequest mireq = new modifyItemRequest();
mireq.id =
"496390A2.PriDom.po1.104.1353763.1.D.1@56:49414766 .PriDom.po1.104.1353763.1.3.1@53";
mireq.updates = new ItemChanges();
mireq.updates.add = contact;

// make the request
modifyItemResponse miresp = gw.modifyItemRequest(gwSession, false, mireq);

I don't get a response back... the POA just dies. In addition, if I pass "true" for the gwTrace parm, nothing gets logged at all.

1) I'd love to know how to add a note to an existing contact... am I doing it wrong?

2) At the very least, if I am doing something wrong, I'd like for the POA not to disappear...

Any help is greatly appreciated.