I'm in a traditional NetWare 6.5 sp7 world. We are planning to roll out some new proxy servers that will use eDirectory credentials to authenticate users before they are loosed on the web (sort of like client trust and Border Manager). That way, in the logging of the proxy, it'll show both the eDir account name and the IP address of the desk top.

At one of our sites, MACs are the predominant desk top, and they do not log in to the tree, using AFP and simple passwords they connect to the NSS volumes as required.

When the Windows (with the NW client) systems log in, the proxy captures credential information from that session, and passes it along to the proxy application, so that they can surf the web.

The MACs will be presented with a credential box for an eDir name and password, which is OK. Now, finally, here's the question:

Assuming that the MAC systems are not regularly shut down at the COB, how long will those credentials passed to the proxy appliance last? Is there a settable period of time, or an inactivity timeout I can configure and use? Are Watchdog timeouts an option? Or are the credentials good until the "session" is terminated (even if it's a month or two)?