Is it easy to move to san?

The way I picture it in a sles/oes environment is:

1 - Put an HBA into the sles/oes server, boot, install drivers for the HBA.
2 - format and mount drive space on the san
3 - cp the data drives to the new drive space on the san
4 - change the mount statement in fstab to mount the new san space where the old drives were mounted

What about \ ?
1 - will the above work? Is there some way to use dd? (i.e. add a usb drive, boot with the sles 11 live cd, dd \ to the usb drive, provision space on the san...will the sles11 live cd see the space, dd the data back from the usb to the san, boot from the san??)

Or do you have to re-install? (very painful and costly)