Hi there. I'm writing a VB6 program that interacts with Groupwise (7.0.3). One of the functions is to search a shared address book for certain values (some of these in custom fields).

My problem occurs when trying compound statements in the search string for the Find method. Specifically, the Find method crashes out with the error message "Method Find of IGWAddressBookEntries2 failed" when the search filter contains the boolean OR in between the custom fields. Replacing this with an AND works fine, so this appears similar to Defect # 315807 in the Object API Defect fixes (which was apparently fixed by GW 6.5).

For example, the following search string fails:

sFilter = "(<Sector> CONTAINS ""Industrial"") OR (<Sector> CONTAINS ""Administration"")"

whereas the following works:

sFilter = "(<Sector> CONTAINS ""Industrial"") OR (<Sector> CONTAINS ""Administration"")"

The snippet of code responsible for this is (with GWABooks and AddressBookName all set properly in other bits of code):

'Global variables
Public GWABooks As AddressBooks2
Public AddressBookName As String
Private GWABEntries As Addresses


Private Sub GetABEntries(SearchString As String)
Dim ABEntry As AddressBookEntry3

Set GWABEntries = GWABooks(AddressBookName).AddressBookEntries.Find( SearchString)

End Sub

Any suggestions as to what is wrong? It seems like a bug, but the Bug Fixes state that it has been resolved!