Hi all,

I'm currently encountering a problem with the Dynamic Local User policy, with the settings as follows:

Server: Zen 10 SP2 (Windows)
Client: Win XP SP3
Novell: 4.91 SP4
DLU Policy: Associated with workstation container, use user source credentials, Volatile user checked, do not manage exisiting user account, cache disabled, Power users group.

The policy applies to the workstation, and allows the user to login using their user credentials. However, when they log out, the directory in Documents and Settings is not deleted. The next time they login, a new directory with the format username.computername is created, the following login the directory username.computername.001 is created and so forth.

I've installed the Microsoft User Profile Hive cleanup service, but it doesn't seem to have had any effect. I've also tried associating the policy with the user container, with the same net result. Any ideas?