We are running GroupWise 8 on SLES 10 SP2. This was an upgrade from
GroupWise 7.03. The online documentation for GW8 indicates that the
"startup parameters" for the Web Access agent are of the format "--
parameter" (whereas they _had_ been "/parameter"). However the RPM for
gwinter does not contain an up-to-date template so the only file I have
on the system is using the old "/parameter" format. I think this might be
an omission from the RPM (as there are other old-format template files in
it such as webac65aen.waa????). So I am wondering whether the online
documentation is inaccurate or whether someone made a mistake in
packaging the RPM and didn't include an up-to-date template to work from?

Or perhaps Novell make a valid template file for Web Access 8.0 available
online somewhere? I know I can create one from scratch but my concern is
that this doesn't seem very clear and I'm not entirely confident that
Novell is actually using the "--parameter" format as their documentation