We had a bad storm a couple of days ago.

Recently, we had two(now more) Novell log in IDs, since then, saying that while they are on IE WEB app, and they go to print a report, the report cuts off one side. The problem is consistent with other users. The app, while on IE, calls up Adobe reader, and prints from Adobe reader. Other IE apps are doing the same thing while printing(not a WEB app issue).

The bottom line is, the problem follows itself to other PCs while using the same problem eDir ID. If I log in to the PC with another ID that has no problem, the problem goes a way. The issue is USER ID SPECIFIC( not machine, or OS).

We tried to recreate using the same ID name. The same problem pursists. If we recreate the ID with a number 1 used in the ID name, the problem goes a way.

We have done repairs to eDir. Still no luck.

Without creating a newly named ID, is there something we could do to fix the current problem ID? The problem seems to be manafesting itself with more IDs.