Here is the situation, we were moving the server that houses these NW VM guests to a new space in the rack when we made the move the cables became a jumble and it took a great deal of time to finally find the right ones, and get things hooked back up correctly. In the intervening time the two NW 6.5 servers (Again virtual machines) are totally whacked out on time synchronization. labedir is the primary time server ( it draws its time from an outside source (134.186.x.x:123;) it responds correctly now and seems to be correctly on time. However the Secondary time server labedir2 ( shows in the timesync debug screen "NTP source not in sync. Discarding the packet." Unable to communicate with server! I tried to move the Secondary time server to pulling time from the outside source and it does sync with that one, however when I go into DSREPAIR Time Synchronization still shows"NO" on both servers and the Secondary is either 9 - 10 minutes out of sync. I have tried to make a new time stamp Epoch and when I do that it shows the Secondary server about 30 minutes behind even though the time has been manually set. I tried to switch the server from using timesync to xntpd and that only made things worse (severs were off by three hours), really need some help with this because I am trying to insert an OES 2 Linux server into the environment and I think this was stopped the first time because of this time synch issue. Thank you in advanced for any help.