I want to delete an OU but cannot delete the license container. I have decommissioned the server and removed it from the tree. The license and all of the objects have been deleted except for the license container.

When I try to delete it from C1 I get "error= -629 The object being deleted or modified is not a leaf object. the object "Novell + NetWare 6+650" could not be deleted."

When I explore using DSBrowse -a the license seems to exist with the attribute "Deleted" . Here's the attribute list of the object in the license container.

ACL [Entry = [ID Inheritance Mask]] 000000C8
creatorsName [CN=CAMSTR,O=GGU] 00000192
GUID a4244e01-e1e6-11d8-961f-000bdbad7d1f 00000181
modifiersName [CN=CAMSTR,O=GGU] 00000193

Attribute Name Other Information Attr ID
NLS:Cert Current ... 000004FB
NLS:Cert Current ... 000004FC
NLS:Cert Current ... 000004FD
NLS:Cert Last Pea... 000004FE
NLS:Cert Last Pea... 000004FF
NLS:Cert Peak Use... 00000500
NLS:Common Certif... 000001D7
NLS:Deleted [00000001 / 00000001] 000004F9
NLS:Installer [admin.ggu] 000004E7
NLS:License ID [SN:301835389] 000001D5
NLS:Revision [00000032 / 00000050] 000001E9
Object Class [Entry = NLS:License Certificate] 00000107
Revision [00000FEC / 00004076] 00000159