We created a Remote Control policy to allow or Helpdesk to remote control all our workstations however, the Heldpesk can only remote into a PC if no user is logged in to the PC.

If they try to remote into a PC while a user is logged on they receive the following error:

Unable to perform the Remote Management operation because the Rights Authentication failed

Remote control settings.
(Enabled) Allow managed device to be controlled remotely
(Disabled) Ask permission from user on managed device before starting Remote Control
(Disabled) Give visible signal to the user on the managed device during Remote Control
(Disabled) Give audible beep to the user on the managed device every seconds during Remote Control
(Enabled) Allow managed device screen to be blanked during Remote Control
(Enabled) Allow managed device mouse and keyboard to be locked during Remote Control
(Enabled) Allow screen saver to be automatically unlocked during Remote Control
(Enabled) Automatically terminate Remote Control session after inactivity of minutes

The Helpdesk users have full remote control rights but if I turn their accounts into SuperAdministrators they can remote into the workstations without problems.

Any ideas? We upgraded to 10.2 a week ago.