I've got a strange problem in the iPrint client on Windows XP SP3.

First, let's draw up my situation:
OES2SP1 printserver http://printserver.helicon.nl/
Printername: AlgemenePrinter

On the workstation there is VMware Workstation installed, that has installerd two virtual NICs.

When doing a right-click/properties on the AlgemenePrinter it takes 20 seconds to open the properties form. (For later on we'll call this situation 0)

We have found three scenario's to speed this up:
1) Disable the VMware NICs. After this change the properties form takes about 2 seconds.
2) Disable NetBIOS over TCP/IP in every NIC. (The VMware NICs are enabled again). After this change the properties form takes about 2 seconds.
3) Create a short printer (name <=8 characters). After this change the properties form takes about 1 seconds.

Change 3 came to mind after analysing the traffic between the client and the iprint server. In situation 0 we observed "Get bindery object: Algemene" Note that these are the first 8 characters of the printername. This request fails, we have no server named Algemene. We observed these requests going out on all NICs. Reply came in through the LAN NIC only (Reply was: The bindery object does not exist). It's my guess the other 2 NIC's timeout, after which the properties page is showed.

These Get bindery object requests are observed in situation 0, 1 and 2.

In situation 3 these Get Bindery Object requests were absent. The only traffic observed are "IPP:Get-Printer-Attributes", directly followed by "IPP:Response".

We're changing our iPrint printers to shortnames. I suspect this is a bug in Windows naming resolution, or in the iPrint client.

Kind regards,

Alex Peeters