I have installed SLES 10 on a test server. I have a raid 5 controller giving the system 138 GB of space which appears as one logical drive to sles. I used ext3 for the file sys. I created a boot part: 100 mb, a Swap 4 GB, and the rest I gave to root ext3. I am going to install OES2 on this server as well and have nss volumes that I want to migrate over from another server. Can I use the unused root space to create the nss volumes I need? I dont quite understand this part of the process. I have watched most of the tutorials and I dont think I can. What should my linux partition sizes be if I dont have other drives available to create the nss volumes? I have 2.5 gb of ram, Is my swap file to big? How much space do I need to allow for the root directory to be safe for the future?

Thanks Scott