I installed OES2sp1 on SLES 10 but cannot get Remote Manager to login using e-directory users (it says invalid username or password even though it's correct). I've found some documentation about adding certain LUM features and/or e-directory types of login. What is really confusing the heck out of me, is when a document talks about going into OES Install and Configuration" to change the configuration. Every time I go to that option, it brings up all the packages, showing which ones are already installed (a blue checkmark), like LUM and e-directory. Okay, this might be a stupid question, but I cannot find any explanation anywhere on how to just "configure" something from here, NOT install it again. Every time I select a package, it goes through the whole install again, every single screen. Am I missing something?

The package shows LUM installed, but when I go to the YAST user and management, there are no LUM components, just local users, so how/where do I configure that? I wanted to configure e-directory to use other types of logins, and the same thing happened - it took me through all the install screens again. Is there no way to just CONFIGURE certain components without going through the whole install?

I am totally confused on how to configure different components on this Linux server.