If you have a webcam, try this out. It's pretty cool.

Plug in your webcam. Exit any webcam related software (other than the
driver, obviously) that launches.

Visit www.popsci.com/imagination. On the right side, under Getting Started
step 1, print out a copy of this month's Popular Science cover
(http://ge.ecomagination.com/smartgri.../res/cover.pdf). Black and
white works fine, no need to waste color ink unless you just want to.

Now click on the Launch 3-D Cover Experience button at the bottom. If you
don't have the latest Shockwave Player you'll have to install it (and
restart the browser if you use Firefox or Safari).

Once the app loads you should see the feed from your webcam in a box in
the browser (or in a popup if you allow them). Now just hold the cover up
so it is in full view of the webcam. Once the software recognizes the
pattern in the cover, it will pop-out the 3D image on screen. You may
have to reposition the cover (flex it or move it around) before the
software can detect the pattern in the image. This image will track and
respond to changes in orientation of the cover you are holding just as if
it were actually on the cover of the magazine.

Once you get the pop-out, if you blow into your computer microphone the
speed of the wind turbines will change.

You can watch a video of how it works on YouTube:

Kim (6/19/2009 2:07:02 PM Mountain)