We have been working on this new version of the client for many months now and are getting close to shipping it. This new client has some long-awaited features and also many bug fixes. Note that some of these features will require addition of a service pack or patches. if you would like to give this a preview before we ship, please send me an email: ttronson@novell.com

Features/bug fixes
Auto-update driver/profile
Win7 support
Vista/Win7 - Driver Profile Support (plus bug fixes for XP as well)
Vista/Win7/2008 - User Printer Support

Bug Fixes / Enhancements
Driver Profiles - fixes/enhancements for XP
User Printers - enhancements, driver profile support
Authentication - Dot-name support, upper-Ascii name/pw
Terminal server - random hangs, notification problems, driver profiles
iPrint Direct - prints banners
Drivers - numerous issues