Hi -

Not a good day to do an update I guess. The Dell PE 2900 server was running SLES 10 SP1 with OES. The server had two separate "disks" (arrays) where one holds the linux boot partition and the other one held 4 NSS volumes. I ran an update of the server to SLES 10 SP2 by booting up off of the DVD and choosing OES2 SP1 as an add on product. The update seems to go ok but on reboot the NSS volumes are not mouting. I tried running /etc/init.d/novell-nss start at the terminal and the load failed saying "invalid module format". and the NSS load aborts.

The console looks like NSS is trying to pull nwraid.ko from /lib/modules. Maybe the "debug" has a issue here but I am not sure. Debug is the only kernel that seems to load and it is what as listed as "SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 SP2"

I have tried updating the server twice using the same method and this was the last result. The first time I upgraded the server when it was SLES10 SP1 NSS would not load because it could not be found. I tried doing the backlinking to an updates folder from the older kernel to no avail. And the 4 modules that the wiki article said to install did seem to be there when you looked at the installed modules.

If anyone has ideas to try something or tell me what I am missing that would be great. Maybe the info I gave for this was not enough to figure this out.