I installed DSFW into an existing tree, which was extremely difficult and caused a certain amount of collateral damage (I just got DHCP back working Friday).

At this point I have been able to join a workstation and one Windows 2003 server (original recipe, not extra crispy R2) to the domain. Authentication works OK. However, many things do not work, and I don't know if the problem is that I'm crossing into unsupported land or if there are remaining issues in DSFW to work out (my gut, which is usually pretty good about these things, tells me the latter, but I need proof).

Things that didn't work were, trying to get from the workstation to a share on a server (I was prompted to authenticate again), printers shared don't seem to be listed in the directory...etc.

Just as I was writing this, I was about to say that AD Users and Computers didn't work, which it didn't, but exporting, whacking the DNSDHCP schema, recreating it and reimporting it seems to have fixed that, so it might have fixed other stuff too.

So my problem is the need for a health check procedure, what should be tested, and what logs should I look at, to validate that DSFW is behaving properly, and what should I expect to not work....