I want to list my printers and make them browsable. Right now that doesn't work.

I wasn't able to at first get the group policy editor to work but figured out that my problem was that the Novell Client was installed on the machine which was using NCP rather than SMB to get to the SYSVOL share (which doesn't work BTW even if you go into ncpcon and to a create volume SYSVOL command pointing to the sysvol directory, you see an _NETWARE folder, instead of the domain folder, which is not right, if I knew where that folder was perhaps I could have created a symlink to the domain folder but I suspect that's not a real folder but a figment of the NCP server's imagination trying to pretend it's NetWare)

So anyways, without the client I could edit the policy. Now when I go to the sharing tab on the printer and click the "List in Directory" check box, it says it may take time, but i check back a minute later and the check box is cleared again, and I don't see any printQueue objects in the directory.

Anyone have a clue to spare?