I have some problem with DLU configuration.

I want to permit users from some department to log in with users right in workstations in their department. And I want permit users to login with administrators rights to some workstations (list with this worksations different for different users)

For this I create DLU, that include user account to Users group, and assign this policy to all workstations in department. Also, I create DLU, that include user account to Administrators group and use include/exclude section to determine list of workstation where user have Administrator rights. This policy I assign to user. When assign policy i select "device policy followed by user policy".

User, that have policy for administrator rights successfully log in to workstation where his have Administrators right, but not log in to workstation where must have users rights?

In event log I found "error include\exclude list calculation".

Anyone have advice?

Anton Ilin