I'm searching download.novell.com and trying to find out if SP8 resolves
an issue with Apache module susceptibility to cross-site scripting that
was discovered when we ran a Qualys scan on some of our NetWare 6.5
servers. Specifically:

Apache HTTP Server modules "mod_status", "mod_imagemap", "mod_imap" and
"mod_proxy_ftp" contain multiple cross-site scripting vulnerabilities.
These vulnerabilities arise from the application failing to properly
sanitize user input.

The server tested for this was running 6.5.6. I know there is a 6.5.8,
but I have no way to verify that it addresses the above issue.

I knew this information used to be easier to find, and I can find
"mandatory" patches on the download site, but it doesn't list apache as
far back as 2004, which seems like an omission.

Any help would be appreciated!

Best regards,