To me this is priceless.

I had the opportunity to speak with a web developer today about building
a website for my place of employment. We aren't currently looking for
one mind you, but I never pass on the opportunity to see who's who and
what they can do. Anywho...

It didn't start well (he apparently didn't notice that I was running
Linux as my desktop and it didn't register that I'm an IT guy). After
we get the general details out he ask if we have a web host. Of course
I say yes and explain that it's a Linux host. Here's where the train
derails. First words 'We'll need to move it to a Windows host'. I bit
my tongue, and asked why. He says that it's because Linux is an unsafe

Ok, I know. I should have stopped him there, said thank you, and sent
him packing, but I'm an antagonist. He then proceeds to explain how he
develops using and Silverlight because it offers the best
security and performance for websites. My face must have started
getting red because he kind of looked at me odd.

So I asked in probably a rather gruff voice about Flash. While it
wasn't a huge surprise his response was, and I quote, 'Flash is trash'.
He proceeded to tell me a bunch of reasons, but by then I pretty much
blocked him out.

So, through a little self meditation, I asked the nice young man if he
had some websites to show me that demonstrated his work. He had two
sites... on his laptop that he was "still working on". They barely
functioned, but given that he was still working on them I'll cut him
some slack there, but apparently he is new to the web development game.
Before breaking into web development he was a cashier at wal-mart or
something like that. When he got laid off he decided web development
was a good way to make money. He didn't put it that way, but close enough.

I thought about expressing my opinion, but instead I just said that I
was more interested in my website being designed around Drupal to which
he responded with a 'never heard of it'. I likewise responded with it's
not designed in .net. I then closed up the conversation with an excuse
about having to set up some stuff. Thanked him for his time and then
showed him the door.

At least he can rhyme.