Hi all,

I'm having the following issue, but not all the time. If I am remote controlling a Vista x64 workstation, and I click on the Windows button, select reboot or shutdown, it says:

The user on the managed device is loggin off. The managed device might not respond until the user has logged off.

If you go to the workstation physically, you will find that it is just sitting there at the desktop doing nothing. You are unable to re-remote control the device. Then the whole remote control app locks up, and you have to force it to end.

At this point, all I can do is select the Reboot or Shutdown workstation option on the device's ZCM page.

I've attached pictures to demonstrate what happens. Is anyone else having this problem?

I do have the ZCM server set to NOT use the mirror driver as the crappy one included can't seem to find it in itself to reload the Aero theme at remote control end. I'm glad Logmein.com doesn't have that issue with their fancy mirror driver. It works and has for 2 years now...