Okay - so I have this little 5' X 6' 1/2 bath (just a sink/toilet) in the
basement that was CARPETED - and it's just disgusting. I'm ripping out the
carpet tomorrow before trash pickup and getting rid of it.

I'mthinking the easiest, and probably most prudent thing to do is just epoxy
floor paint. There seem to be two distinct types, but maybe it's just
marketing hype. At Home Depot I see like the Rustoleum garage/basement
floor covering that comes in "single car" or "two car" kits, and then I see
just cans of "epoxy paint" by various manufacturere. Is there a difference?
Or does the kit just have everything you need? Like the floor
cleaner/etcher, etc.? What do you use to apply it? Brush? Roller, etc.?

I'm pretty sure that I'm capable of doing this (even though I'm just a dumb
girl <heehee>), but looking for some real world experience here to give me
an idea of what I'm up against!


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