I'm curious, because I do. When people ask why I have an iPhone (for
example, and to some extent why I had a Palm Treo for many years), I
always have answers that make the "phone" seem almost secondary. For
example, I need an unlimited data plan and unlimited SMS, but I get the
smallest voice minutes available, because talking on my "phone" just
doesn't happen that much.

Here's a rundown of the important apps I have had on my Treos and now my

NTTP (Yanoff+ for Treo, NewsTap for iPhone)
Syncrhonization (GMS for Treo, NotifyLink and GWSync for iPhone - I use
NotifyLink mostly, but also do GWSync testing).
Google Maps
Facebook (never used it on Treo)
Paypal (didn't have an app on Treo - but could get to it with Blazer)
Online Banking (ditto with the above - only used Blazer on the Treo)
Music (PocketTunes on Treo, iPod on iPhone)
Voice Memo (didn't have on my Treo - new with version 3.0 of iPhone
AirSharing (didn't really need it on the Treo, because I could copy
files with the SD card)
ebook readers
WordPress (didn't use on Treo - but can create my blog entries on the
AIM/Yahoo Messenger
IP tools - like ssh, telnet, ping, etc.
I also have other iPhone apps I didn't have on the Treo, like Skype,
Shazam, i.Tv (that lets me add things to my Tivo queue), Reunion, etc.

So, yeah - it's more like a pocket computer for me than a "phone" I

So, I'm interested to see what other IT folks use their "phones" for, be
they Treos, BBs, Symbian, Android, WM, or even the Pre (which I think
probably doesn't have most of this yet simply because the apps have to
catch up a bit).

Oh - and if you DO use it as a computer, what's the most "interesting"
thing you've done from your "phone" that most folks wouldn't think
about? I guess mine is watching my TiVO at home with SlingPlayer for
purely personal geekiness, and reconfiguring a GroupWise WebAccess
server via ssh for business geekiness

Of course, to be particularly geeky I'm posting this from NewsTap on my