Hi All,

This is a new installation of GW8 HP2 - we'll be migrating our mail environment from another IMAP/SMTP system in two weeks. I have a question about SMTP relaying:

Our clients (850 users) currently use Thunderbird as their mail client, for the next several months, they will continue to use Thunderbird (IMAP/SMTP) while we slowly move them to the GW client. My wish is to not allow relaying and also not require users to enter a username/password to send messages if they are located on our physical network. I thought these settings in the SMTP Relay Settings tab of the GWIA Properties would do the trick:
- Prevent message relaying
- Exceptions:
- From * to 10.2.* (the address range of our entire internal network)
- From 10.2.* to *

What I'm finding is that even when the Thunderbird client is inside of our network (10.2.*), a password is required to send messages to everyone except GW accounts. (We're trying to avoid additional configuration changes for users. We also have a few internal servers that will use the GW SMTP service.)

Is this wish possible or will SMTP clients (no matter where they are located) be required to authenticate to send messages to everyone except GW accounts?