I have 3 GWIA's, all are running on NW65SP8 boxes with GW800HP2 of the GW

GWIA1 is set as the IA for outbound messages on the users' domain, GWIA3 is
set as the alternate.

GWIA1 is set at the IA system level as the IA for outbound messages
(although it was previously GWIA2).

When I send a message it goes out of GWIA1.

If I bring GWIA1 down and send a message, it goes out of GWIA2...?? But the
alternate is set as GWIA3, why would it go out of GWIA2?

Additional info: GWIA1 and GWIA2 are on NW servers on the same LAN as the
domain, the domain is hosted on the same NW server as GWIA2 is running on,
GWIA3 is on a NW box at a satellite office (our backup).