In "real" ADs, one would somethimes use redircomp.exe on DCs to force
imports of new workstations into a specific container.
Can we do similar things with DsfW?

One issue in DsfW is that computers are container objects, and therefore,
according to eDirectory rules "unmoveable", since they are not
partitions, unless you cheat and move the objects by hand from MMC.
(which will generate an error, but seems to work nevertheless).

In semi-large installations, the Admins would really like to have some
automated import rules.
netdom.exe join /ou:[ou bla bla] does not seem to work correctly either,
as the objects seem to be created then moved or renamed, which netdom
interpets as an error, since this operation (possibly) is still in
progress when netdom tries to write more stuff to the object before the
object move/rename is complete. (I'm guessing)

So to sum it up,

How do we get domain PCs in DsfW to get automatically imported into other
Containers than the default (cn=Computers,dc=domain,dc=com) ?