Today I'm trying to upgrade our primary and most critical OES 2 server
to SLES 10 SP2 and OES 2 SP1. Things seemed to be going reasonably well
until the "OES Configuration" part of the process. The install has been
stuck for almost 2 hours on the screen that says "Saving NCP Server
Configuration". The "Writing the settings" progress bar has not budged
from 0%. After waiting this long I'm pretty sure it's not going to go
anywhere on its own.

I've checked the other screens (Ctrl+Alt+Fn), and I can't find anything
that looks like an error related to NCP or anything else. I can ping my
master replica from this server, but the master replica reports that it
cannot communicate with the server.

Two odd things happened previously in the setup, seemingly unrelated.
First, the server update check reported that no patches were available,
which I'm sure is impossible. I canceled the update check, hoping to
back up and try again, but the system went on to the next step - MICASA
or something like that. Second, the OES setup said that it needed a
password for the Samba proxy. We don't use Samba right now, so I
disabled that part of the configuration and went on.

I've left the server on the setup screen where it's frozen, not knowing
what more to do. Before I began I used Clonezilla (partclone) to create
an image of everything except our NSS volumes, which are on a separate
RAID array and are backed up on tape.

Suggestions? Reboot the system? Restore from the image? Our school
district completely depends this server, but a very expensive support
call to Novell is our last resort. Any ideas would be very much

- Jim Wagner