Hi All,

I'm trying to set up GW Webaccess 8HP2 on a SUSE 10 SP2 linux server running OES with the POA,MTA,GWIA already running on netware, but I'm having some trouble.

First of all, my reasons for this is that currently with the instabilities of webaccess with version 8HP2, I have the dreaded java abends and occasional 503s while running on netware. I've been told that on linux I can set up groupwise webaccess to be monitored and restart every time it goes down (not possible on netware?).

Does anyone have some documentation on this?

I've so far installed both the webaccess app and agent but am having issues with configuration I've set up a mount to the current mail volume using ncpmount which I can browse happily. When I try to create a webac80b in the agent step (I'm using a second object as I don't want to touch my current Webac80a netware object). I get a DB2f error. Does anyone have any ideas?

Do I need to create a new agent, if I already have one installed on my mail volume?

Does anyone have any decent .waa files I can use and change to suit my environment. Or even some docs explain the best way?