Hi there,

I have already obtained a list of valid user objects from the GroupWise standard system address book and would now like to query some of them to find out when the users are free in the next week. This is where I ran into trouble.

Once I create a FreeBusyUserList object, according to the docs I now have to list the users in the FreeBusyUserList.user list (the object _is_ a list (in python) - I checked this out).

My problem is, what type of objects do I put into a FreeBusyUserList.user list?
From the docs (Novell Documentation):
<user type="FreeBusyUser" minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded"/>
Yet in the wsdl I find no reference to a FreeBusyUser object.

At my disposal I have a kind of a user object - i.e. what I got back from this python method:
    def userSearch(self,users,**kw):
        if not kw.has_key('limit'):
            limit = 100
            limit = int(kw['limit'])
        if not self.gwAddressBook:
        FilterGroup = self.client.factory.create('ns2:FilterGroup')
        FilterGroup.op = 'or'
        for user in users:
            FilterEntry = self.client.factory.create('ns2:FilterEntry')
            FilterEntry.field = 'username'
            FilterEntry.value = user
            FilterEntry.op = 'eq'
        Filter = self.client.factory.create('ns2:Filter')
        Filter.element = FilterGroup
        items = self.client.service.getItemsRequest(self.gwAddressBook.id, None,Filter,None,limit)
        return items
Does anyone know what kind of objects I should be adding to the FreeBusyUserList (i.e. something like:
free_busy_list = self.client.factory.create('ns2:FreeBusyUserList')
for user in users_found:
    obj = self.client.factory.create('NO_IDEA_WHAT_TYPE_I_SHOULD_USE')