For you Astaro types, I have a Socks Proxy question for you. If I turn on
the Socks Proxy, what controls what services the Proxy has access to? Or
does it simply have access to everything?

The reason I ask is that I saw a report today on MacProxy that basically
grabs all Mac network traffic and funnels it through a Socks Proxy. It can
be authenticated, etc., but it seems to have no restrictions based on
authentication. For example, I have restrictions on what the kids can do on
their PCs, but if I enable the Socks Proxy and use MacProxy then their HTTP
restrictions don't even seem to be honored. So I'm guessing that this isn't
going to be of any "benefit" to my network to try to use MacProxy huh?
Cause Socks seems to open everything up to be accessed, but simply passed
through the proxy first?


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