I am new to the GroupWise API, in fact I just discovered it last night.
I've already taken a look into it, but my knowledge of programming is limited to VBscript / BASH / BATCH and PERL. (I am 1st line IT support trying to do something clever)

I have this little project where I want to be able to find out how the calendar is for everyone at the office not just for today, but for the next 2-3 weeks.
I've figured out I should be able to use the BusySearch function which is quite nifty, the TimeBlock function or how you call that thing in the code.
In the sample code provided in GroupWise Object API, there was this appointment program. Is it possible to modify this so it only searches for 1 user's busy time? or what about 10.. From command line is best but a GUI window showing who it searches for now is also valuable =) (will run from a dedicated box!) Whatever is the least strain on the cluser ;) I would then use the time the user is busy and write it to a file that I can then import to some other webscript thats internal to my department and be able to see when my co-workers are busy etc.

If just it could be written in PERL I could have done without this C++ thing :p