Hello All,

Short version: Can GWIA's LDAP server be set to operate as an LDAP v3 server instead of (or in addition to) an LDAP v2 server?

Explanation: As we migrate to GW8-HP2 from an open source IMAP/SMTP/LDAP system, the vast majority of our users (850) will continue to use Thunderbird as their mail client. (That will slowly change during the next year.) Thunderbird is configured to lookup names/addresses in an LDAP server - after the migration to GW, TB will be pointed to GWIA for LDAP searches. The LDAP service is enabled and the "LDAP Public Settings" are set to "Allow access" in GWIA.

Using LDAPBrowser, I can connect to the GWIA via LDAP when LDAPBrowser is set to use LDAP v2; the connection fails when using LDAP v3. I can connect directly to eDir using LDAP v3, but that is far from an ideal solution (especially for clients doing LDAP lookups from home). It appears that Thunderbird uses only LDAP v3 to do address lookups, which brings me back to the question: Can the LDAP server built into the GWIA be set to use the LDAP v3 protocol?