Now that Google Voice has allowed me another number (I have one for our home
ever since GrandCentral, and want to use Google Voice for business as well),
I want to get rid of my other service which is similar to Google Voice. But
I need inbound faxing. Since I pay something like $35 a month for my
current service, it would be nice to get rid of it, and just find a
fax>email service. I've found this:

Anyone use any of these? Use something not listed that you really like?

I found a couple of others that are really inexpensive - like - $3.95, $4.95, $6.95,

Currently all my service really does in the faxing arena is accept faxes,
deliver them to email, save them for later retrieval again if necessary, and
that's it. I don't think it even does outbound faxing (if so I don't know
how). So, while outbound faxing would be convenient I guess, it's not the
most important part and if the price is right to only receive faxes I'm game

Thanks for any recommendations you might have!

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