We currently have a WebAccess 8 HP1 and a WebAccess 7 SP2 in our system. The V7 was installed as a temporary solution for those users who have problems logging in to WebAcc 8. We do not want to apply HP2 at this point and would rather wait for the SP1 to come out.

Here is another issue that we have noticed.

Forwarded messages using WebAcc 8 is received by the destination as a flat fwd message.
Forwarded messages using WebAcc 7 is received by the destination as a regular fwd message.

Our GWIA was configured with flat fwd enabled. This is only used by users who have external mailboxes and opted to just flat forward all emails using a rule. Clients interacting with their emails and forwards the occasional items will see a regular fwd message (showing that it came from their GWise account).

Can't find any setting in WebAcc 8 object if this is a set parameter. Is this a bug?