We think we have discovered the source of SO MANY weird network problems
this week and they may all be related to the excess rain/flooding we've
had here. The network cable running from my server closet on the
basement, through the dirt crawlspace and up into the laundry room
WAP/router is wonky. Right now it gives a link light on both sides of
the connection, but nothing's happening

Here are some of the odd things that have occurred in the past 10 days;

1. TiVo stopped communicating to the Internet, even though every device
in the house could see it. Eventually, after fiutzing with the cables on
the switch it started working. This switch is connected directly to the
linksys wireless router (which is in turn connected to this wonky

2. In trying to fix the TiVo I also power cycled the main router in the
basement (also connected to this wonky cable) and lost all networking in
the entire house. I have to power cycle the router and unplug/reconnect
cables over 10 times to het it working again.

3. Tonight we lost all connectivity with the wired router on the
Linksys wireless router. Devices could see the SSID of the WAP and even
showed connected at "excellent" levels, but they could not even Pi g the
address of the WAP. A hard reset got it working and then all of the
devices connected wifi and directly to the Linksys router could see each
other, but the two halves of the house can't see each other. So that
leads back to the wonky cable between them.

Joe has decided that water might have penetrated this wonky cable and
it's just causing havoc with the network.

So after that long winded explanation - we don't think we want to
pull another cable from the basement to the laundry room. Couldn't we
instead have two wireless routers, talking to each other wirelessly and
connecting that way. I've never done anything like that, so all advice


Oh - ps. I'm posting this from my phone, so please ignore the
misspellings etc. Just too much of a pain to go back to fix