Okay - this moring was the weirdest wifi situation I've ever stumbled upon.
Joe could not log in to eDirectory at all. I dropped to a command line and
pinged the server, and could see it (I kid you not, and the next paragraph
will make you shake your head). Joe could get on the internet through
Firefox though, and it was set to go through our proxy server with
eDirectory authentication.

So here's the kicker. I noticed that his wifi connection in Windows showed
"very weak" and I thought that was suspicious since he always shows a very
strong connection. So I looked and HE WAS NOT connected to our network! He
was connected to some rogue WiFI in the neighborhood that is open. It just
showed as BELKIN something or other. And it was set as his "top" preferred
network somehow. I got rid of that, connected him to our wifi, and all was

So, riddle me this. How on earth was I able to ping the eDirectory server,
and how could he get out on Firefox with the proxy server settings he had?

Some days computers (Windows specifically) totally baffle me!

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