How to do the user was owner of a job printer?

I have non-NDPS: print server - PS1, printer - P1, and queue Q1.
It is connected together and works well. I need queue because I use PCOUNTER.
I would like to use iPrint
I have configured Broker, Manager and Agent Printer.
I have used documentation "Novell Distributed Print Services",
section "Configuring Queue-Based Printers".
In the "Connection Type" fileld I selected "Forward Jobs to a Queue".
Now the print job go by ipp to Print Agent. There is right user, for example "admwmi".
Then the job go from Print Agent do Q1, and here is the problem.
The owner of the job is changing to user "Admin" (Administrator account).
What I have to do to have in the queue Q1 - job with right user?