I am trying to open an email from a VBScript.

Here is the actual code snippet:

Set oApp = CreateObject("NovellGroupWareSession")
Set oAcct = oApp.Login(strGwLoginName, "", "novell")

Set GWDDE = CreateObject("GroupwiseCommander")
Set sResult = nothing
'Message Id is from a SOAP request. Is here the problem?
GWDDE.Execute "ItemOpen (""""4A5EE77A.GWDom.GWPO.100.1766576.1.5F.1@1:4A5DB4D8.GWDom.GWPO.100.1766576.1.39.1@35"""", """"Test"""")",""

'executing NewMail works fine!
'GWDDE.Execute "NewMail()", ""
The problem is that when I am trying to open the item nothing happens.
Calling the NewMail method works very well. Then a new mail window appears.

Any help would be appreciated.