Out of curiosity:

Are there "rich" file systems for Linux (specifically sles)?

By that I mean, something similar to NSS/NTFS (yes, I know, NTFS isn't all compared to NSS), vs. Reisfer or EXT3.

Specifically user "rights" and ACL's.

If I had a choice, I'd even take NTFS over "native" Linux file systems and their "rights" (obviously NSS over NTFS).

But I'm just surprised that there doesn't seem to be more demand for "rich" file system on Linux? I mean, we have trustee rights all over the place, and there's no way native Linux would ever meet our needs if we had to migrate to native Linux (NTFS would be "close", but not desirable, IMO).

Or are there things out there and I'm just not aware of them (could very well be).

I like the inheritance in NSS and the ability to assign multiple groups different rights at the same level even.